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Homework Should Not Be Given Essay

Some people believe that homework should not be given to school children.. provided that full and clear credit is given to Writing9 with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.. For we to consider an essay structure a great one, it should be looking like this: Paragraph 1 - Introduction; Sentence 1.

  • Sample essay. Teachers give homework to ensure that students revise their lessons at home. This aids the process of learning. However, if too much homework is given, it will put students under tremendous pressure and affect their performance in school. This, however, does not mean that homework should be abolished.

  • Despite the fact that daily homeworks benefits children,the drawbacks that come along with piling up of homework cannot be ignored too.The most noticeable one is the stress buildup in students.This happens when a child is given homework on various subjects.For instance,pupil at schools learns a range of subjects such as Science,Maths,Social Science and.

  • homework , while others do not. In my position young ones should get their homework in small quantities because they will grow more responsible and diligent in their later life. In this essay, I intend to discuss both these views. On the one hand, Most parents love their children that is why they are attending their children some other club

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