What to Expect in a Typical Therapy Session

Many people hold off on beginning therapy because they do not know what to expect in a typical therapy session. Getting started can be scary and most people are very nervous when they first come to see a counselor. Many of the initial fears that I hear most often from clients once they feel comfortable are worry that they would be judged and shamed. I can assure you that in my practice this is not the case, and I would think in most other practices this is not the case at all. Counselors want clients to feel safe and comfortable, therapists are trained to hold the client in unconditional positive regard no matter what the client has done or been through. Usually what most people are feeling fear and shame about are the things they had to do to survive, a therapist will recognize this and help to put the situation in a different perspective.

Clients worry that facing what has happened to them will be too much and it would be better to just keep numbing or running from the past. Healing old hurts can be scary at first but with a client centered trauma informed approach, the client will be given the coping strategies to handle any feelings that may come up for them. Part of getting ready to do trauma work is learning skills that decrease anxiety and misery and promote empowerment and emotional regulation.

Usually the first session with your therapist will be an initial evaluation to gather a client history, to identify what the client would like to change in their lives, and to create a plan of how to best accomplish the clients goals. The therapist will help a client break down the big goals into smaller manageable and accomplishable ones. A common goal for a client seeking trauma treatment is wanting to be free from the past. This is a big goal, and can seem very intimidating. However, with a skilled trauma therapist that big goal will be made into manageable pieces that the client can tolerate.

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions, or fears about what starting therapy with Healing Heart and Soul, Trauma Counseling LLC will be like for you and what you would like to get out of therapy.

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