Momfessions Monday!!!

Momfessions blog post

  1. Sometimes I daydream about what my life would be like without kids…

  1. I am annoyed when my children pick the one time in the day that I sit down to watch something to begin a long dialog about the video game they are playing, or the game of foursquare at recess, or how their one friend is always on his manperiod and what the hell is wrong with him. It is annoying and frustrating. I have to use all my DBT GIVE skills to maintain an interested facade.

  1. Kisses with butthole lips, you know when your kid squenches up their cute little lips into a disgusting butthole shape and then wants to give you a kiss and you are just so creeped out that it is hard to pretend to be excited for the affection they are about to bestow upon you. Then you are eaten alive with mom shame because something has to be seriously wrong with you to be grossed out by a kiss from your beautiful amazing kiddo.

  1. It makes me so irritated, frustrated, and angry when my kids have no idea how much I do for them and they are mad because I set a boundary and say no to something. It is even worse when you cannot even point this out to them because then you would just end up shit talking your ex… No one should ever speak badly about their child’s parent but man some days I just want to lay everything out in black and white about how much I (and my current husband) do because they do nothing.

  1. I hate candyland. I hate that stupid game so much that one day when my youngest was at school and that game some how ended up in the trash. My life got so much better once candyland went away, now we have no choice but to just play battleship or some other game that does not make me want to fall into a coma.

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