Momfession Monday!

Momfession Monday!

I have a confession to make, I like puppies more than babies. We just got a new puppy and having her reminds me so much of having a new human baby. With a huge difference, the puppy will start sleeping through the night soon. Just the past three nights we have had her she has improved each night and sleeps longer each night. This was not so for my human babies, I don’t think I slept through the night with any of them until they were three. So don’t at me about how I didn’t sleep train them, I did the best that I could do and that is all I can do. I read books, I talked to their pediatricians, I watched videos, I consulted other moms who then proceeded to make me feel horrible, so that was not a good plan.

I just remember being so in love with my babies, but at the same time feeling so overwhelmed and just at a loss of what to do. Then the shame set in, like there is something fundamentally wrong with me because I do not know that right answer all of the time. Or the right thing to do is not just automatic. Have any of you as mothers ever felt this way? Have you ever been able to talk to another person about these feelings?

But puppies, well puppies are wonderful. If you make a mistake in their training, no big deal you fur baby will forgive you and other fur baby parents are just like "Yeah I did that same dumb thing." Why can't we as people be as gentle and forgiving with other parents of human children?

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