Five reasons why sandtray is for everyone!

Five reasons why sandtray therapy is for everyone (not just kids)

When a new adult client comes into my office for the first time and they see my shelves of miniatures and a wooden box painted blue on the inside full of sand, they usually say something along the lines of “you must work with a lot of kids” to which I reply “not really, sandtray if for everyone.” Then they usually give me a look at me like I have just sprouted another head and must also have lost most of my mind in the process. Here are five reasons why all people can benefit from the seemingly simple process of picking miniatures and putting them in a box full of sand.

5- Hands on with your feelings.

Just the process of looking at the miniatures and feeling the sand can help connect our thinking mind and doing mind with our subconscious mind. Sometimes we cannot for certain say what we are feeling, but there are going to be miniatures that represent all those confusing emotions, and we will be able to see better what it is we are feeling.

4- Active way to illustrate difficult situations.

Some situations are too difficult to put into words. Situations where we have experienced abuse at a young age is a good example of not having the right words for what emotions come up for you around a certain situation.

3-You don’t have to talk

Believe it or not, but some people do not want to talk during therapy. I had a client who only gave me yes or no answers for almost a year, but their sandtray’s told their story. By their trays I could tell when healing began for them. The sandtray helped us build trust and eventually the person could trust enough to talk to me.

2- You might see a solution to a problem that had been hidden to you before

I have used sandtrays to problem solve some big life decisions, like the tray that helped me decide having another baby was not really what my heart wanted. Big decisions and problems can become less confusing when you do a sandtray about it.

1- A visual representation outside of your head to shed light on your subconscious thoughts and increase awareness into yourself, your desires, and your ability to problem solve in your life.

Sometimes all we need to do to see solutions is to get out of our own heads. Putting your stress, anger, sadness, and hopelessness into your tray can help you process all the jumbled thoughts and emotions.

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