5 ways therapy can help you right now

All of us want to live our best life. All of us want to feel happiness. All of us want to feel valued and accepted. Therapy can help us get what we want from our lives by boosting our emotional health. When our brain is healthy we feel better!

  1. Everyone needs a safe place to vent:

The ability to go sit with a safe person for an hour and unload without anyones feelings getting hurt is an amazing thing. Really think about it for a second, how would it be to just go unload all your worries, frustrations, and fears on someone who has no role in your family, friends or work. Their only purpose is to support you and listen to you. Let me tell you this experience is freeing and empowering.

2. If no one gave us good coping skills then how the hell are we supposed to magically ahve them?

Healthy coping skills are not something that people are born with. We learn our coping skills from the adults in our lives as we grow up. So if the adults had poor coping skills such as just leaving a situation that they needed to handle, yelling, using drugs and alcohol to numb, spending money that the family needed, pretending the problems weren't there, gambling, pornography, numbing with video games or other electronics or media, not sleeping or sleeping too much (just to name a few). If we grew up watching these behaviors then how the hell are we supposed to know any better? A therapist can help us learn healthy coping skills, and how to self sooth in ways that are productive and healing. The best part of this is we can then model these new skills for our kids, then they won't be stuck in the same cycles.

3. A therapist can help us understand our actions and feelings.

Going to therapy can give us insight into our own behaviors both helpful and unhelpful. A therapist can help us understand our emotions. I have noticed that most of the time people including myself will feel an uncomfortable or disturbing emotions and have no clue why they are feeling that way. This uncomfortable emotion usually leads to a behavior, and often the behavior is the opposite of how we want to handle our emotions. A therapsit can help us figure all this out so we can handle our emotions in a helpful way.

4. Healing past hurts.

Most of us cannot process our past hurts on our own. We may have put them in the back of our minds, but they are still there and come up at the worst times. Like not being able to work things out with our partner when they are angry, or not being able to tolerate when our kids are hurt or having a tantrum. A therapist trained to process trauma can help us heal these hurts from our past. When these hurts have been processed, we can tolerate difficult situations much better and respond much better to the people we love.

5. Encouraging personal growth.

Often times we do not have a mentor, a chearleader, a confidant in our lives where we can be completely honest about all of our thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Going to counseling can be the opportunity we need to have a person cheer us on in meeting our goals. A therapist can help us break down our goals into small and managable parts. Couselors are also useful for sharing out darkest thoughts, wildest dreams, and deepest fears with no worries that any other living person will ever find out. Yes that is right, therapist lock away our private thoughts and feelings in a vault in their minds and they never tell anyone. It is actually against the law for a therapsit to break a client's confidentiality.


Going to therapy can benefit any living person on the face of this earth. You don't have to have a serious mental illness or a horrible life to benefit from counseling! If you or a loved one is interested in learning more, I am available for a free 30 minute phone consultation, just call or text 435-851-5863.

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