4 Ways to boost your mood

With all the chaos and uncertainty in the world I feel like we can all use a reminder of small things we can do everyday to boost our mood.

  1. Get enough sleep, not too little or too much. I know this is hard, some people just cannot fall asleep, stay asleep, or get into deep sleep. Other people struggle with wanting to sleep all the time. This is not a blog on sleep but the internet has many suggestions how to deal with both of these issues. When we are rested our mood is naturally going to be better. If you are struggling with sleep consulting with your therapist and your doctor could be very helpful.

  2. Drinking enough water. Lets just say it, water is boring, I know. I hear this so often from clients who are struggling with depression and when we take a look at what they are drinking we realize that they are only consuming soda. We need water to feel good, our body needs water to function properly. When we are dehydrated our brains cannot function, when our brain cannot function, our mood is low and we lack energy to get through our day.

  3. Eat some damn vegetables! I am guilty of having a poor diet at times, and I notice how much this effects my mood. If I am eating a lot of packaged foods or eating out at fast food resturants my mood is negatively impacted, feeling tired, feeling unmotivated. When I eat a better diet by bringing a healthy luch and healthy snacks to work I notice my energy levels are higher, and my mood is brighter. Our bodies and brains need vitamins and minerals to do their jobs, when our body is not happy our mental health suffers.

  4. Time just for fun stuff. So many of my clients pack their day so full of activities like work, cleaning, cooking, caring for children, caring for their partner, helping family, that they leave no time to do the things that they enjoy. Carve out some time from your week to do something just for fun, it can be alone, it can be with friends and family it doesn't matter. Schedule it in to make sure you actually follow through with your fun thing, also inviting others helps us stick to our plans. Having something fun to look forward to boosts our mood and gives us hope that life is not just full of stressful responsibilities.

If you try these things and nothing is helping to boost your mood, it could be time to reach out to a mental health professional and see what they have to offer. Psychologytoday is a great place to start to find therapists in your area that accept your insurance or who accept private pay.

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